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Atius Technology Institute's Information Technology Academy

We conduct Information Technology training with an unbeatable record of transitioning students from the classroom to the workforce. Our expert instructors are industry employees who are dedicated to transferring their knowledge to our students in our hands-on labs and classrooms. Our workforce readiness personnel dedicate their time and energy assisting students, in every way possible, to prepare for job interviews that will lead to their rewarding careers. Begin your future today with the ITA; let us help you achieve your career goals in the I.T. industry.


Our Mission

The Information Technology Academy is an initiative to prepare students for careers that are highest in demand, not only around the globe but especially in Washington, DC and its neighboring states. The ITA prepares students to join today’s IT workforce immediately upon completion of just a few classes or after completion of the full time (6 months) or part time (1 yea)r program.

We believe that KNOWLEDGE + CREDENTIALS = YOUR CAREER. Due to this belief, the ITA provides each student unparalleled knowledge transfer from experienced IT professionals and then prepares each student for Information Technology industry certifications related to each of the classes. The ITA will work to provide internship opportunities with the university’s corporate partners, government partners and the many Fortune 500 companies in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. We will provide career development training to assist students with resume building and mock job interviews. Upon successful completion of this six month training, we expect (based on past successes) industry certified individuals to begin their new careers earning $75,000 and above. 


The Difference

We have identified unique Information Technology learning tracks that, when successfully mastered, will yield a learner a high paying occupation upon completion of several of our specially designed courses. Each of the courses will be offered in an experiential learning environment with hands-on laboratory training.

To ensure that the ITA achieves its goal of providing highly trained and highly qualified Information Technology industry workforce candidates, we make sure that our instructors are not only educators but seasoned Information Technology professionals with a minimum of 10 years of industry work experience. The industry average time spent learning each of these courses is between 30 to 40 hours in non-lab environments with little to no hands on training. We deliver these courses in 60 to 98 hours in labs designed for on-the-job training, giving students time to learn the materials needed to pass the industry exams and time to learn to do the job as they would when they are hired.

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