Program Tracks

CCNA - Junior Network Engineer   

Cyber Security Information Assurance

CCNP - Senior Network Engineer                               

Project Management Professional

Knowledge Transfer:  Our goal at the Information Technology Academy is to provide hands-on, lab and internship oriented training to students by highly skilled professionals in the IT industry, allowing maximum knowledge transfer and hands on skills training.  Students will be given all the necessary tools, equipment and software to duplicate what they will encounter day to day in their future careers. 


Credentials and Certifications: Each of the tracks at the Information Technology Academy includes several industry certifications that students will prepare for and successfully complete as they progress through their respective tracks.  Research shows that, students that successfully complete and attain 70% the certifications on any one of these tracks should qualify for entry level employment beginning anywhere between $65,000 and $105,000.  We provide support and encourage each student to prepare for and take their industry certification exams before moving on the next course on their track. Students not only have their teachers and peers to assist them in preparing for the exams, they will also be provided study materials and labs to help them. Students are able to take their industry certification exams in the convenience of their classrooms due of our partnerships with both Pearson Vue Testing and Prometric Testing.


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