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We are always ready to voice our pride in the quality of our training; from our highly qualified instructors to our unique training methods and curricula. This page is dedicated to the voice of our students. Read what our former students have to say about their experiences here at the IT Academy as well as comparisons to other educational institutions they may have attended.


Where are they now?


We spend a significant amount of time not only technically preparing students for the I.T. workforce but also mentally preparing them for ambitious knowledge attainment and upward mobility in the workplace. We strive to motivate our students to not only be productive employees but ambitious leaders in their future places of employment. Read the testimonials and see how our students have grown since taking classes at the I.T. Academy.
  • B. Cole
    Student Status: Graduate (Senior Security Specialist)
    Employement before ITA: Employed (Non I.T. Field)
    Current Employment: Employed in I.T. ($115K+) - DoD

    Truly Exceptional! I completed my Cyber Security Learning track with vigorous hands on training. The vast experience of knowledge from the instructors paved the way for me to successfully pass my industry certification exams. The training I received at Atius Technology Institute and the IT Academy has provided me the basic foundation in utilizing those experiences at my current job. I highly recommend Atius Technology Institute and the IT Academy for anyone who would like to acquire the skills that are highest in demand by the government and many DoD contract agencies. I have been gainfully employed since I completed my learning track at the Information Technology Academy.
  • Devin Lewis

  • Student Status: Graduate (Senior Network Engineer )
    Employment before ITA: Employed (Non I.T. Field)
    Current Employment: Employed in I.T. ($95,000+) - Learning Tree

  • I was stuck in a dead-end job and very unsure of my career path before I attended. The instructors are very knowledgeable and helped me to decide the best path for me . They made it very easy to learn by using real world scenarios & equipment.They helped me attain the skills I needed to get certified and land a new job.... Now I feel much more secure in my future!!

  • Christopher Day
    Student Status:
    Alumnus (Security Analyst)

    Employment before ITA: Employed (I.T. Field)
    Current Employment: Employed in I.T. ($85,000+) - DoD


  • Atius Technology Institute is a school that wants you to succeed, not only professionally but personally. I have gained the knowledge to pass 5 certifications.  With assistance from the school, I was able to land a job paying over $60,000 after my third class and 3 industry certification. The structure, organization, and lessons make this school a great environment to learn. The instructors are knowledgeable, informative, and there for you when you need them. The I.T industry is challenging, and I needed to be in a school with teachers that will go above and beyond for me because I go above and beyond to learn the information needed to be successful. Thank you Atius Technology Institute for helping me gain the knowledge to position myself in this industry so I can better provide for my family. 



  • Jason Grant

  • Student Status: Graduate (Information Technology Specialist )
    Employment before ITA: Employed (Keller Realty)
    Current Employment: Employed in I.T. ($55,000+) - Microsoft Corporation

  • I was reffered to Atius Technology Institute's Information Technology Academy in the Spring of 2014 by my father who is director of University of Baltimore's "Forensic Science - High Technology Crime masters degree program". I took CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and Security+ at this great school.  The hands on training that I experience complimented my previous knowledge about computers. After completing these 3 classes I was able to get an interview and get a job working at Microsoft, 3 minutes from my house in northern Virginia. I will be back to the school to enhance my skills once I am aclamaited with my new job at Microsoft.  
  • Karlos Strange
  • Student Status: Alumnus (Senior Network Engineer)
  • Employment before ITA: Verizon
  • Current Employment: Employed in I.T. ($140,000+) Uber


  • I am proud to say that I was one of the first graduates of Atius Technology Institute's Information Technology Academy. Before I attended the school I worked for Verizon.  I was introduced to the school by my father who was also a student at the time. After successful completion of A+, Network+, Security+ and CCNA with certifications earned in the first three, I was able to land my first IT job working for a government contractor at Fort Belvoir.  The HANDS-ON training I received in all of these classes was incredible. In a matter of a few months I had not only learned the skills to do the work, I had also developed my resume and technical vocabulary to the point a seasoned professional. The school, staff and instructors at this school work hard to make sure that 100% of their students succeed. With guidance and advice from the school, as well as hard work on my part, I was able to demand a salary of $150,000 working for a government contractor only 14 months after my graduation from the Information Technology Academy.  It is now three and a half years since my graduation and I am a now a seasoned Senior Network Engineer for Uber – Washington, DC. I am currently designing and building networks all over the world for Uber.  I love my job because of the salary I command, the time and flexibility I have for my family and I owe a very large part of that to the Information Technology Academy and its great instructors.
  • Sima Thompson (US. Veteran)
    Student Status:
     Gratuate (Network Engineer)

    Employment before ITA: Unemployed
    Current Employment: Employed in I.T. ($79,000+) 


    The help and flexibility that the instructors give you, along with the support is priceless! Real world scenarios, combined with an intense classroom environment, makes you comfortable. They make the transfer of information easy by tailoring it to the individual style that fits your needs. After completion of A+, Network+ and Security+ I have been able to successfully interview and get a job with a government contractor.  I am still attending classes and have a few more classes to take complete my track. The school inspires you to want and to do more in order for you to get what you want, the best inspiration hower; comes from former students, who once sat where you currently sit and tell you their stories of hard work and great success. They are all humble and inspire us to work hard because success is only a few classes away.  I never could imagine making the kind of money I make just after completing 3 classes and industry certifications.  I want more so I will continue to attend until I complete my learning track.

  • Keneithia Woodard
    Student Status:
      Information Technology Specialist

    Employment before ITA: American Farm Bureau
    Current Employment: Employed in I.T. ($55,000+)


    I took the A+ Certification class last year at Atius Technology Institute's Information Technology Academy. The school, staff, and instructors were great. The environment is very chill and everyone is willing to help if you should have a problem. The instructors and the classes helped me in my career a lot, the A+ Certification that I received help me get a pay raise and notification for the hard work that I do for my organization. What is special about the school is that you get hands on training and one-on-one time with the instructors. I would recommend this school because it’s cheaper than any other schools I looked into that provide the same type of hands on job readiness teaching style, the location is perfect, and the class hours are too. I will come back to this school for my other certification courses.

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